With a pinch of salt…

Taking things with a pinch of salt—grano de sal—implies adopting a healthily skeptical approach. A grain of salt can also give dishes a whole new dimension, and add enigmatic textures to a drink. Simply put, it’s the spice of life.

Grano de Sal will offer Spanish-language editions of the latest, avant-garde publications with a focus on social sciences, humanities, sciences and the arts. Informative and often provocative, its books will be written in a non-academic style, appealing to the general public and experts alike.

Apart from sales in traditional bookstores and in the growing e-book marketplace, Grano de Sal will have a strong commercial relationship with institutions: universities, professional associations, ngos, and companies with a clear commitment to a public cause. It will have distributors in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

The books published by grano de sal will promote an open and plural debate, push for individual and collective changes, and contribute information and context for an improved understanding of today’s world… always cum grano salis.